Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Perfect Heifer

A good heifer doesn't need arms or legs to be bred, milked, or cooked.
And they save space this way - you can fit more cows into a space. It's more economical.

Friday, 27 April 2012


Heifer went searching for enhancements today, so that Master might alter her to better resemble a dumb bovine creature.  She found a very neat farm where there are pens to place stupid cows so they don't wander off and do silly things.

She also saw a bull and a little cow.  She didn't get shots of their mating or the cow's milking, but she saw them afterwards.

Dumb heifer got stuck in the pen and Master had to rescue her.  Master is so generous to leave heifer alive after she was so stupid.

Master's Hiefer

Master has asked his simple minded cow to keep this blog about her life and transformation into his perfect little heifer.
This is heifer's dream:

Heifer's sole purpose is to serve her Master.  For now, she is his milk cow and breeding slut.  One day she will offer up her body as his meal, whenever he so chooses.  If one wishes, they might follow heifer's journey to become Master's cow.